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Tulk, Waldo Eugene

Lieutenant, 5th Armoured Regiment, 8th Princess Louise’s (New Brunswick) Hussars, R.C.A.C.

Waldo Eugene TulkBorn in 1921
Died January 4, 1945

Son of The Revd. Arthur Edmund Tulk and Pauline Maud Tulk, of Magog, Quebec, Canada.

Received his B.A. (English and History Honours) in 1940 (The Quad, 1940, p.14).

Awarded a First Class Aggregate Prize in his Second Year in 1939, and at convocation in 1940.

Played on the Football/Rugby team (The Quad, 1938, p.64; 1939, p.53; 1940, p.59). Played defense for the Junior Hockey team (The Quad, 1938, p.66; 1939, p.55; 1940, p.61); also played for the Intermediate team (The Quad, 1940, p.60).

Member of the relay team; winners of the Dunn Cup for the annual road race in 1938, 1939 and again with the Third Year team in 1940 (The Quad, 1938, p.71; 1939, p.61; 1940, p.67). Waldo, along with his bother Ray Tulk, played defense on the Junior Hockey team in 1940 (The Quad, 1940, p.61).

Member of the debating team that won the Skinner Trophy in 1939 (The Quad, 1939, p.61).

Second Year representative on the Year Book Committee in 1939 (The Quad, 1939, p.8, 37).

Member of the Literary and Debating Society in 1939 (The Quad, 1939, p.39).

Secretary-Treasurer for the Year Book Committee and Students’ Executive Council in 1940 (The Quad, 1940, p.12; 1940, p.43).

Assistant Editor of The Mitre in 1940 (The Quad 1940, p.44).

Vice-President of the Literary and Debating Society in 1940; won a debating award for representing Bishop’s in the inter-university debates (The Quad, 1940, p.45).

Lieutenant Waldo Eugene Tulk
Waldo Eugene Tulk, kneeling front row right.

Burial Information:

Ravenna War Cemetery, Province of Ravenna, Italy

Grave reference VI. E. 27.


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