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War Records Project

Launched in 2014, the year of the First World War centennial, the Bishop’s Remembers project is an online resource for the university’s war records.

The Records

Soldiers’ records are organized alphabetically by last name, under the War in which they served.

Created with the help and support of Bishop’s staff and faculty, Bishop’s Remembers is a collection of the histories of the students and alumni who died in service. The lives of those who served are linked by their common alma mater: paths overlapped and continued on, sometimes together, on home soil and abroad. Letters written to the Principal referencing get-togethers on the front lines stand as a testament to the lasting relationships that began at a small university nestled on the shores of the Massawippi.

From athletics to academics, from editorial boards to club rosters, the resumes of Bishop’s students reflect the diversity of character and commitment of the young men and women who attended, and continue to attend, this one-of-a-kind place of learning. Looking through yearbooks from decades ago, the same face found in the photograph for The Mitre Board can be seen smiling alongside their teammates in the Hockey and Rugby photos. The lead in a Drama Society production shared his time with the Ski and Golf teams as well as the Glee Club. Students and faculty stand shoulder to shoulder, proudly sporting the dark robes that were once commonplace. These same individuals would go on to serve as lieutenants, sergeants, aircraft men, and captains in Canada’s war effort.

For over one hundred years, and as the words of the school song suggest, time spent at Bishop’s has lingered in the hearts of those who have, in any sense, called it home. “We have all enjoyed our stay here,” Valedictorian and WWI Captain Harry Scott addressed his graduating classmates of 1911, “We shall always look back upon it as the happiest time of our lives.”

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