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Pibus, Henry Hodsmyth

Pilot Officer, No. 82 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force

Henry Hodsmyth PibusService no. J/5086
Born February 12, 1914
Died October 21, 1941

Son of Luther and Annabella Pibus; husband of Phyllis A. M. Pibus, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Married in April 1941 at the Church of St. James Apostle, Montreal to Miss Phyllis Alice Muriel Patterson, R.N., daughter of Mr. Herbert Patterson and the late Mrs. Patterson. Pibus’ title at the time was Sergeant Observer Henry Hodsmyth Pibus. (The Mitre, June 1941, p.39).

Received his B.A. in 1934. Henry returned to Bishop’s for the Teacher’s Course in 1935, earning an Education degree as well as a High School certificate.

“Harry” went on to teach at Lachute High School (The Mitre, April 1938).

Played left defense on the Junior Hockey Team in 1932; became Captain of the team the following year (The Quad, 1932, n.p.; 1933, p.47). Played on the Intermediate Rugby team from 1933-1935 (The Quad, 1933, p.44; 1934, p.58; 1935, p.56). Henry received an Intermediate Award, Major “B” and Crest in Rugby in 1934. Henry and the Rugby team are pictured in The Mitre (December 1934), for which that issue was dedicated. Mentioned in the issue on page 22, “The Championship Team” by W. J. Belford: “Another pedagogue in the game was Harry Pibus who showed that if some quiet force (not necessarily Dr. Rothney) had a restraining influence on his language it only went to help his football.”

Member of the Dramatics Society in 1933 and 1934, Stage Manager for the Little Theatre in 1934 (The Quad, 1933, p.34; 1934, p.50). Secretary-Treasurer of the Students’ Executive Council as well as the Year Book Committee in 1934 (The Quad, 1934, p.46, 68). Third Year and Grads representative on the Year Book Committee in 1935 (The Quad, 1935, p.66).

Henry first awakened the inhabitants of Knowlton with his lusty howls on February 12th, 1914. He led and active life while accumulating knowledge at Knowlton High School, and now comes to Bishop’s in search of an M.A. in economics. Later on he aspires to Law or the business world. He is interested in Hockey, Tennis, Debating, and like many of his fellow freshmen can sing quite truthfully “I’m in the army now.” Henry does not record any other hobbies or interests, but it is reported that he is out to make the most of every moment.

The Mitre, October 1931

Harry was born on Feb. 12th in the eventful year 1914, and in no other place than Knowlton. He seems to have been born with some kind of spoon in his mouth which he could never get out. Since ‘Silence is golden’, the spoon must have been silver. This came to our notice after he graduated from Knowlton High and took up residence—not studies—at Bishop’s.

In his freshman year he was meek and mild and consequently feel into the clutches of the C.O.T.C., becoming a victim in both his second and third years. In his first year he played inter-year football and junior hockey. In his second year he decided that he would like to get some use out of the football field that he had helped mark so he became a member of the Intermediates. He also played Junior Hockey and was Property Manager of the Dramatic Society. In his third year he was that outside of the first team whom we recall as usually swathed in adhesive tape. Outside the ‘sports world’ he was Secretary-Treasurer of the Students’ Council and Stage Manager of the Dramatic Society. Apart from his whisperings to his pious room-mate and a few buckets of water coming out of the blue we would hardly be aware of his existence. He will be gone this June, but only till next year.

The Quad (1934, p.28)

Harry H. Pibus, B.A. — The question as to whether the ‘Old Arts’ would be a morgue (figuratively speaking) or a seething surmoil for 1934-35 was definitely settled last September when Harry came back (ostensibly) for a High School Diploma. On some of his life here Harry refuses to divulge any information but we do know that he was an official referee of the E.T.J.H. league and (unofficially) refereed some of the girls’ hockey games. He was also a member of the Year Book Committee. (He actually came to some of the meetings.) Thanks to Dr. Rothney’s insistence Harry turned out for rugby. He now owns a silver football and has been a regular on three successive championship teams.

The Quad (1935, p.38)

Burial Information:

Runnymede Memorial, Surrey, United Kingdom

Panel no. 60


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