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McKell, Hiram Archibald McCormick

Pilot Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force

Hiram Archibald McCormick McKellService no. J/41843
Born February 25, 1922
Died July 27, 1944

Son of J. Edgar and Agnes J. McKell, of Howick, Quebec, Canada.

Received his B.Sc. (Chemistry and Physics option) in 1942 (The Quad, 1942, p.16).

Played for the Junior Hockey team in 1940 (The Quad, 1940, p.61) and again in 1941 (The Quad, 1941, p.53); played as a first-string defenseman in 1942, demonstrating ample amounts of heart when he “played nearly a whole of one game with an eight-stitch cut in his leg threatening to burst open at any minute.” (The Quad, 1942, p.54). Played on the Football team in 1941 (The Quad, 1941, p.53). Played on the Third-Year Basketball team, winners of the 1942 Inter-Year Competition (The Quad, 1942, p.57).

Voted highly in the “Laziest” category in the Class of 1942 Poll; also received votes for “Class Swat” (The Quad, 1942, p.33).

Burial Information:

Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey, United Kingdom

Grave reference 52. I. 1.


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