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McCaig, Leslie Neil (D.F.C.)

Flight Lieutenant, No. 426 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force

Leslie Neil McCaigService no. J/14907
Born July 4, 1915
Died January 20, 1944

Son of Neil McCaig and of Ethel McCaig (born Sangster), of Ormstown, Quebec, Canada.

Received his B.A. in 1935 (The Quad, 1935, p.21).

Lt. McCaig returned the following year to take the Teacher’s Course, as well as receive a High School certificate. He taught at Stanstead College and Westmount High School before the war.

Joined the Air Force in September 1941, received his wings and commission one year later and was posted overseas. Lt. McCaig was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (D.F.C.) for “exceptional courage, skill and resourcefulness” after returning a crippled Lancaster safely to base following a raid over Manheim.

Member of The Mitre Board in 1932-33. (The Quad, 1933, p.32).

Representative for the Rugby team on the Student Executive Council in 1935 (The Quad, 1935, p.46). Manager of the Junior Rugby team in 1934, Manager of the Intermediate Team in 1935 (The Quad, 1934, p.59; 1935, p.56).

McCaig Bay in the NorthWest Territories was named after Flight Lieutenant McCaig.

Photo courtesy of Veterans Affairs Canada.

Leslie N. McCaig is a graduate of the Ormstown High School. At Bishop’s he is taking an Arts Course and expects to go on to get his High School Diploma. He is interested in Rugby.

The Mitre (October 1932, p.23)

The Championship Team by W. J. Belford, on the Rugby season:

Another good reason the [football] team got to Toronto is Les McCaig who not only was an economic genius but was one of the few managers that could satisfy all the players most of the time. Only a player or a manager can understand what that means.

The Mitre (December 1934, p.22)

Burial Information:

Berlin 1939–1945 War Cemetery, Berlin, Germany.

Grave reference 5. E. 23.


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