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Mayhew, Vernon Earle

Pilot Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force

Vernon Earle MayhewService no. J/24001
Born February 2, 1917
Died June 5, 1943

Received his B.A. (Mathematics and Physics Honours, with distinction) in 1936 (The Quad, 1936, n.p.).

At convocation, “Bob” was awarded the Governor General’s Medal, Chancellor’s Prize, the Lieutenant Governor’s Silver Medal for Science, and one half of the General Nicholls’ Scholarship. He was also the recipient of a First Class Aggregate prize.

Played on the Basketball team in 1935, having “the reputation of being one of the cleanest players in the College” (The Quad, 1935, p.60).

Burial Information:

Ottawa Memorial, Ontario, Canada.

Panel 2, Column 4.


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