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Mackenzie, Hugh Ellice

Captain, Canadian Grenadier Guards, R.C.A.C.

Captain Hugh Ellice MacKenzieBorn in 1921
Died August 14, 1944

Son of Ellice Allan Mackenzie and Kathleen Emily Mackenzie, of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Received his B.A. (History and Philosophy option) in 1941 (The Quad, 1941, p.17).

Member of The Mitre Board in 1939; Photo Editor in 1940; Secretary-Treasurer in 1941 (The Quad, 1939, p.38; 1940, p.44; 1941, p.36).

Member of the C.O.T.C. Shooting Team in 1939 (The Quad, 1939, p.47).

Property manager for the Dramatic Society’s annual spring production, “The Perfect Alibi,” in 1940; Stage Manager for the Dramatic Society in 1941 (The Quad, 1940, p.47; 1941, p.38).

Member of the Junior Hockey team in 1940; Manager of the team in 1941 (The Quad, 1940, p.61; 1941, p.53). Served as Hockey Manager on the Committee on Athletics (The Quad, 1941, p.50).

Member of the Glee Club (The Quad, 1940, p.48; 1941, p.40).

Born in Montreal in 1921, Mac came to these hallowed halls by way of B.C.S., in search of a B.A. The storms of first and second year having been successfully weathered, he settled down this year to conquer a History and Philosophy course.

A man of considerable practical imagination, Mac has made the gym the home of most of his constructive work. From the first he has been seriously involved in the mechanics of getting the stage ready for the Thespians of the Drama Society. In successive years he has been Assistant Stage Manager, Property Manager, and finally Stage Manager. In his first year he also saw the other side of the picture, acting in “The Drums of Oude”, and in the major production of the season, “Laburnum Grove”. He has also been an indispensable member of the Dance Committees, once even staging an Air Raid for our benefit. The Mitre has claimed Mac’s attention too. For two years he was a member of the Literary Board, and finally he became Secretary-Treasurer.

Mac’s activities have not been confined to the Politer Arts. In his second year he was a member of the Junior Hockey team, while he has always been a tower of strength for the Parchesi team in their struggles with their traditional rivals. Badminton and skiing have also found him an enthusiastic participant.

When he graduates this June, Mac hopes to become a member of the Active Army. His career in the O.T.C., where he rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant, and his work this year as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 35th Battery, R.C.A., make his success assured. Best of luck, Mac!

The Quad, 1941

Born in Montreal on October 25, 1921, he went to the school across the river, where football, hockey and cricket claimed his interests. He seems to be mainly interested in photography, whereas the ranks of the insurance men will be swelled when he graduates with a B.A. Football, tennis, dramatics and the army will hear more of him.

The Mitre (October 1938, p.19)

Burial Information:

Bretteville-Sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery, Calvados, France.

Grave reference VI. D. 10.


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