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Lyster, Franklin Nelson

Lieutenant, Royal Rifles of Canada, R.C.I.C.

Lieutenant Franklin Nelson LysterBorn July 2, 1918
Died December 24, 1941

Son of Archer Blackwell and Pearl Davidson Lyster; born in South Durham, Drummond County, Quebec, Canada.

Received his B.A. in 1938 (The Quad, 1938, p.22).

Played on the Junior Hockey team (The Quad, 1937, n.p.; 1938, p.38, 66). Played for the Third Year Hockey team in 1938, winners of the McKinnon Trophy for Inter-Year Hockey (The Quad, 1938, p.72). Played Rugby for the three years he was at Bishop’s (The Quad, 1938, p.38, 64).

Obtained his “A” Certificate during his time in the O.T.C. (The Quad, 1938, p.38).

Hong Kong casualty.

Burial Information:

Sai Wan Memorial, China.

Column no. 23.


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