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Duval, Philip Horace

Flying Officer, Air Bomber with the Royal Canadian Air Force

Service no. J/28348
June 30, 1924
Died June 17, 1944

Son of Raymond and Grace Clare Duval, of Grand Mere, Quebec, Canada.

Duval played for the Junior Hockey team in 1940 (The Quad, 1940, p.61); also played for the Basketball team (The Quad, 1940, p.62; 1942, p.53).

Philip was on the Skiing team in 1942 when they won the Codère Trophy in “the most outstanding victory of the year.” The win gave them the lead in the zone championship, held at Mount Orford, where the Bishop’s team brought home the zone trophy for the fifth time in five years. (The Quad, 1942, p.56).

Burial Information:

Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey, United Kingdom.

Grave reference 54. E. 10.


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