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Bradford, Howard Ross

Lieutenant, Canadian Provost Corps

Howard Ross BradfordDied April 12, 1944

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Bradford, of Montreal.

Received his B.A. (Philosophy option) in 1942 (The Quad, 1941, p. 14); on active service at the time of convocation.

Attended Cambridge School and St. Pat’s Academy in Sherbrooke, before attending Bishop’s as a day student—“those unfortunate beings who have to get up in the morning” (The Quad, 1941, p. 14). Ross eventually came to live in residence after his family moved to Montreal.

Ross was an avid golfer as well as a member of the C.O.T.C. during his time at Bishop’s. He also contributed to The Mitre, supplying works that showed “a touch of [his] philosopher.” (The Quad, 1941, p. 14).

Burial Information:

Sherbrooke (Elmwood) Cemetery, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

Sec. A. Lot 11. Grave 7.


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