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Savage, Charles Henry

5th Canadian Mounted Rifles (joined 8th Canadian Infantry Brigade in 1916)

Charles H. SavageRegimental no. 110497
Born September 9, 1892 in Eastman, QC
Died April 23, 1978

Enlistment: February 15, 1915 (Second Contingent)

C. H. Savage graduated from Bishop’s University in 1911 with a B.A. While attending Bishop’s, he was very involved in the school, a member of the football, hockey, boat, baseball, cricket, basketball, golf, debating, and tennis clubs. He was also involved with the Mitre, starting as the Assistant Business Manager and then moving up to be the Business Manager.

The 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles went to England in 1915, and spent the rest of 1915-1918 in France and Flanders. Savage was made Lance-Corporal in September 1915, Sergeant in 1916, and Lieutenant in 1917.

C. H. Savage attended one of the first anti-gas schools in France at Fletre for 10 days in February 1916 under Sergeant Qua, who had been the professor of chemistry at Bishop’s before enlisting. At the school, he built a gas-protected dugout for testing gas masks and other experiments. He also learned about different types of gas masks and the method of protection they provided against the toxic agents.


Chemical Warfare: Gas Attacks in World War One

Chemical Warfare: Gas Attacks in World War One
By: Charlotte René, Bishop’s University


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